Organic Farming

Course Description

This course aims at introducing what sustainable agriculture is and its key concepts. As part of sustainable agriculture, we shall cover an introduction to organic farming and its basic principles and systems.

There are new discoveries on better ways to farm or new farming practices and while small farmers, environmentalists and agriculture scientists continue to explore them daily, we find that the principles, key concepts and sustainability goals are an essential foundation to meet what we all need- biodiversity and food for everyone.

Whether you are an agriculturist, environmentalist or simply an advocate with the desire to acquire basic knowledge and contribute to agriculture sustainability goals, this training course attempts to increase your awareness on the said subject.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain organic farming and discuss its benefits and challenges
  • Recognize organic farming practices and learn from case studies
  • Identify the synergy between sustainability and organic agriculture
  • Analyze the effect and impact of sustainable agriculture in our society
  • Determine market opportunities and create a basic entrepreneurship plan
  • Define sustainable agriculture, key concepts, issues and sustainability goals

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This course is designed for online study/ distance education/ home-based learning. A student dashboard is provided in the student’s account log-in to monitor progress. A downloadable PDF format will also be available to the learners for offline study.

Duration: 1 day

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  • Feedback/Response Time: 1-3 days

At the end of the entire course, an examination in a multiple-choice format will be given that will cover the entire programme. The assessment is composed of 30 questions.

A 70% passing rate of the assessment exam is needed to get the course certification.

  • Internet Access
  • Student Dashboard Login: Personal Username and Password
  • Before beginning the programme, the learners are required to download and print the entire module to gain better understanding of each lesson and go through the writing activities attached to it.
  • This course also includes compulsory submission of answers to guide questions online for the course completion. Towards the end, the learners take an exam to test their understanding of the course.

Sustainable Agriculture – Identify key concepts that cover sustainable agriculture and its relevance both to our society and environment today.

Organic Farming –  Learn the basics of Organic Farming, its principles, benefits and challenges.

Recognize the different key features of organic farming.

Organic Farming Practices – Organic farming is simply not just farming using organic inputs.  It involves an understanding on soil management, crop planning and management, nutrient management, pest and disease management, and weed management in order to produce the desired output.

Business Strategies – the organic farmer must understand the economics involved in farming which also includes marketing directly to consumers.  Discover different strategies in marketing the organic produce for profitability and sustainability.


  • Module 1: Sustainable Agriculture
  • Module 2: Organic Farming
  • Module 3: Organic Farming Practices
  • Module 4: Business Strategies

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