Human Rights

Course Description

The Human Rights training course is aimed at learners who would like to obtain human rights education. This course is also for those who seek to be involved in any industry or organization that build their activities on issues relating to human rights.

There is no specific qualification to be involved into human rights work. Opportunities in different sectors such as local and international government bodies, charities, non-profits, academe, law or even industries such as research, marketing, public relations, fundraising, investigation, finance, administration and education- are all potential channels to be involved in human rights work.

With further studies and practical experiences involving human rights, you can even land in a professional career with international organizations such as the UN, Amnesty International, European Union, International Alliance of Women, International Federation for Human Rights, to name a few.

Whether you are simply interested to get a human rights basic education, or you want to be part of an organization upholding human rights, or you want to take on the role of influencing others and educating them about human rights, then, this training course is for you.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the different types of human rights
  • Define human rights and learn its key features
  • Apply the concepts of human rights to daily life
  • Discover the role of United Nations to human rights
  • Find out emerging issues and challenges of human rights
  • Be aware of the different views on the existence of human rights
  • Recognize universal human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Option 1:
If you just want to take this course without the test or certificate, just pay US$90.

If you wish to take this course + online test + receive a Certificate of Completion from CPD (Continuing Professional Development, United Kingdom) + shipping cost of the certificate, the total cost is US$120.

If you wish to retake your online course test – the total cost is $60.
If you pass your test – you will receive your Certificate with no additional cost.

This course is designed for online study/ distance education/ home-based learning. A student dashboard is provided in the student’s account log-in to monitor progress. A downloadable PDF format will also be available to the learners for offline study.

Duration: 1 day

  • Announcements: Student's Dashboard
  • Email Support: Throughout the duration of the course, should you have any question or concern, feel free to message us.
  • Feedback/Response Time: 1-3 days

At the end of the entire course, an examination in a multiple-choice format will be given that will cover the entire programme. The assessment is composed of 30 questions.

A 70% passing rate of the assessment exam is needed to get the course certification.

  • Internet Access
  • Student Dashboard Login: Personal Username and Password
  • Before beginning the programme, the learners are required to download and print the entire module to gain better understanding of each lesson and go through the writing activities attached to it.
  • This course also includes compulsory submission of answers to guide questions online for the course completion. Towards the end, the learners take an exam to test their understanding of the course.

Introduction and Objectives

  1. Definitions and Concepts 

    Four Defining Features of Human Rights

    Three Generations of Human Rights  

  2. Origins of Human Rights 

    Different Views on the Existence of Human Rights

    Evolution of Human Rights

    Types of Human Rights

  3. United Nations and its Role to Human Rights 

    United Nations Human Rights Agencies

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  4. Challenges to Human Rights

Personal Action Plan


  • Part 1: Human Rights
  • Part 2: Human Rights
  • Part 3: Human Rights

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