Direct Marketing

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Intended for:

The Direct Marketing Course is suitable for people who are in the sales and marketing industry or are new in running their own businesses. It is for any individual involved in the direct marketing industry.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Know the basics of direct marketing
  • Understand the role of customer relationship marketing
  • Learn what makes up a direct marketing plan and how to create one
  • Gain the ability to understand direct marketing and apply in real life experiences
  • Encounter case studies and real stories of businesses running direct marketing campaigns
  • Set a personal action plan in developing direct marketing skills

Option 1:
If you just want to take this course without the test or certificate, just pay US$90.

If you wish to take this course + online test + receive a Certificate of Completion from CPD (Continuing Professional Development, United Kingdom) + shipping cost of the certificate, the total cost is US$120.

If you wish to retake your online course test – the total cost is $60.
If you pass your test – you will receive your Certificate with no additional cost.

This course gives the learners the understanding of a range of marketing methods and campaigns that are measured and targeted to a specific type of audience. This course equips the learners with the basic skills they need in utilizing the direct marketing campaigns.

The Direct Marketing Course is aimed at helping learners develop their business or career which involved sales and marketing. They will help ensure they have the skills, knowledge and techniques to develop a comprehensive direct marketing strategy that gets them the outcomes they want.

This course is designed for online study/ distance education/ home-based learning. A student dashboard is provided in the student’s account log-in to monitor progress. A downloadable PDF format will also be available to the learners for offline study.

Duration: 1-2 days

  • Announcements: Student's Dashboard
  • Email Support: Throughout the duration of the course, should you have any question or concern, feel free to message us.
  • Feedback/Response Time: 1-3 days

At the end of the entire course, an examination in a multiple-choice format will be given that will cover the entire programme with a total marking of 60 points.

A 70% passing rate of the assessment exam is needed to get the course certification.

  • Internet Access
  • Student Dashboard Login: Personal Username and Password

Module 1: Introduction to Direct Marketing – definitions of direct marketing, key concepts involved and its different channels or forms

Module 2: Benefits to Organizations and Businesses - the relevance of direct marketing on customer reach; importance of direct marketing in developing a marketing campaign; how direct marketing help boost sales and examples of business utilizing direct marketing campaigns

Module 3: Customer Relationship Marketing – definition of customer relationship marketing; the benefits of relationship marketing; and discusses the different ways to implement relationship marketing

Module 4: The Direct Marketing Plan - relevance of SMART in relation to the objectives of a direct marketing plan; we identify the key components of a direct marketing plan and we lay down a personal action plan for professional development in relation to skills in marketing


  • Module 1: Introduction to Direct Marketing
  • Module 2: Benefits to Organizations and Businesses
  • Module 3: Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Module 4: The Direct Marketing Plan

Certified and Accredited by ICM (Institute of Commercial Management, United Kingdom) and CPD (Continuing Professional Development, United Kingdom).

ICM and CPD certifications mean your skills meet international requirements for company compliance programmes regarding continuing professional development.